Media outside Phoenix Convention Center

Media Room

As one of the 25 largest convention centers in the U.S., our professional staff welcomes high profile events that draw media attention. We have provided media relations and technical assistance for large-scale productions for Presidential Debates, MLB, NBA, NFL and WWE among others.

Attendees from all over the world have walked through our doors to attend events featuring phenomenal speakers, artists and dignitaries.

We are committed to helping our clients capture media coverage for their events. Our Media Relations team works closely with our local media partners to relay client instructions for obtaining media credentials, obtaining interviews and setting up press conferences. Our team serves as a resource for the client and the media by providing information for media logistics, parking and facility access to ensure successful media coverage.


  • Is the Phoenix Convention Center capable of holding live broadcasts inside of its facility?

    PCC’s fiber optics system enables broadcast media to do live broadcasts from within the North and West buildings. Media can also hold live broadcasts in the South Building by pulling coaxial cable.

  • What is the process to do a live broadcast from the Phoenix Convention Center?

    Media outlets and clients should contact the Phoenix Convention Center’s Communications Director at 602.534.7633 to reserve one of the Convention Center’s fiber optics converter boxes, which are needed to host a live broadcast. The Convention Center has a limited number of converter boxes that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • What happens when all of the Phoenix Convention Center converter boxes are reserved?

    Once all Convention Center boxes are reserved, media outlets can contact AV Concepts at 602.252.2425 to rent a converter box.

  • How far in advance must I contact the Convention Center to reserve a converter box and fiber connection?

    Clients and media outlets should contact the Convention Center Communications Director as soon as they have made arrangements for a live broadcast. To activate the fiber optics system, a minimum 24-hour lead time is required, certain exceptions may apply.

  • Where is the best place for media to park?

    See attached map with designated media parking areas.

  • Is there an alternative to broadcasting live at the Phoenix Convention Center?

    Media outlets also have the option to tape footage at convention center events. The South Building is not on the fiber optics system and media outlets will need to coordinate logistics to pull cable into the building to get a feed to their live truck.